The Impossible Quiz 2

About The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the extended second version of the most popular Impossible Quiz series developed by Slapp-me-do. While the gameplay is similar with the first installment, in this second version, there are many changes about the game such as new questions, nightmare-inducing scenarios, polished visuals, a brand new Power-up and etc. It seem that the developer spent more time developing the first installment.

Unlike the first installment, the game graphics are enhanced. Actually, you have an option to toggle the graphics quality. In order to toggle the graphics quality, you should click the Q button on the bottom of the game screen. Besides that, this game is also a flash game, so it is enough to use only your browser to play it. This time maybe you feel like the questions are harder because some of them have more than one correct answer, you need to find the more correct one.

This second installment was released after the success of the first installment. The extended second installment has also had a great success. Then, the success of this Impossible Quiz series led them into being recreated as mobile applications eventually.

How To Play The Impossible Quiz 2

Like the first installment, many questions and tasks will be presented to you during the game. You will even have some questions with visuals this time. Generally, all questions will be presented with 4 clickable options, so you need to figure out which one seems more correct. If you experienced the first installment, you have already known that it is not as easy as it sounds. If this is your first time with this crazy impossible quiz series, you should prepare yourself for tricky questions and you should be very shrewd. Also, it is not the good idea to start this series with the second installment. You should start with the first one and make your perception stronger with experiences.

Besides the questions with double meanings, tricks and puns, some surprises such as mini games and mazes will be also presented to you. During those times, you should use your skills and reflexes well. In this second installment, you will have 5 lives. Giving a wrong answer will cause to lose one of your 5 lives. When you lose all of them, you will lose the game, and so you will start the game at very beginning. The second installment of this series consists of 120 questions. Because there is no checkpoints, you should make your way to the end of the quiz in one take. You will no checkpoints, but you will two Power-ups during the quiz.

The first Power-up is the green arrow-shaped one called as Skip. Skips allow you to skip some questions of the quiz. In the first installment, they are pretty useless. However, this time you can use them effectively. During the game, 3 Skips will be presented to you. Keep in mind that you should use them wisely!

The second Power-up is a brand new one called as Fusestopper. These Fusestoppers are purple one-eyed creatures. These creatures are generally lazy and sleepy. When they smell a bomb-fuse, they will awaken. Like the first installment, there will be some questions with bombs that have timer on it. By using these Power-ups, you can defuse bombs and you can have more time to think about the answers of the quiz’s questions. In order to use Fusestoppers, you should click over the icons at the bottom of the game screen. During the game, 3 Fusestoppers will be presented to you.


In order to enter your answers to the questions in the quiz, you should use only the left mouse button. Throughout the quiz, you should click the correct answer with your mouse. You will play the game with 5 lives. In order to save your lives, you should give always the correct answers.


The Impossible Quiz 2 that is the second installment of the crazy impossible quiz series is also very hard. The questions in this installment are overall slightly Harden than the first installment. However, Skips are more useful than the first one. Also, the brand new Power-up, Fusestopper, makes this installment a bit easier than the first one.

Tips For The Impossible Quiz 2

By considering some beneficial tips, you can make this impossible quiz less impossible. Here are these beneficial tips:

You have a limit of 5 lives. When you give a wrong answer to a question, you will lose one of your 5 lives. The bad news is that the game is over when you lose your all 5 lives. Therefore, you should save your lives by answering always the questions intellectually.

When you start the game, you should read the questions carefully, and then you should think outside the box and answer the questions with this consciousness.

Also, you should keep in mind that you should save your Skips and Fusestoppers and use them wisely.


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