The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers

We have mentioned earlier The Impossible Quiz 2 contains 120 questions. Because some of these questions are so tricky, it can be useful to share the answers of all questions in The Impossible Quiz 2. If you feel you are stuck in The Impossible Quiz 2, you should check on the answers.

120 Answers Of The Impossible Quiz 2

1 to 25

  1. Up his sleevies
  2. Paint
  3. Earth
  4. American
  5. You should type the letters by following the order on the screen.
  6. 8
  7. You should press the Right Arrow.
  8. 10 letters in
  9. You should click the animated creature several times in order to make it evolve.
  10. In order to reveal the answer, you should click and drag the “a penguin” word.
  11. First, you should click the button. Then, you should reach the key without touching the blue parts of the maze. After reaching it, you should click and drag it to the lock.
  12. Fine
  13. Lederhosen
  14. You should click the number of question (14) twice.
  15. A backwards dog
  16. Chris
  17. You should touch the brown balloon by avoiding the red ones.
  18. Fly sandwiches
  19. Fusestopper
  20. First, you should turn on the light. Then, you should pop all zits.
  21. 30
  22. Pink clouds
  23. In order to win tic-tac-toe, you should drag the circle around 23 to a spot.
  24. Space
  25. When it is a jar

26 to 50

  1. You run. You run so far away.
  2. You should press the 1 key.
  3. This is Sparta!
  4. You should move your mouse to the right of the water’s stream in order to find a green bomb. If you uncover other bombs, you should drag them to the water. After finding the green bomb, you should let it explode.
  5. You should click the zero in 30.
  6. Drive down the M4
  7. A finger
  8. You should click the 33.
  9. You should click the death button.
  10. Aim for the face
  11. Tequila
  12. You should move your mouse out of the screen.
  13. You should press any key on the keyboard expect TAB.
  14. It is like question 11.
  15. Toucan
  16. You should click on the circle to the right of the “smallest” word.
  17. You should drag hares-worm’s fist first. Then, you should drop it on Pig Buster.
  18. You should click the answer word.
  19. What you say!!
  20. First, you should click the second E letter in “I see”. Then, you should click the I, E and I letters in “it’ll trun green”, and you should click the O letter in “O RLY?”
  21. Around Orion’s waist
  22. Universal serial bus
  23. USB ports
  24. You should follow the directions of Frank.
  25. In order to chew the bone, you should click badly drawn dawg. Then, you should rub your mouse over it to pet him.

51 to 75

  1. You should click came last.
  2. In order to clean the lamp, you should move your mouse back and forth over it.
  3. You should click next tp the G.
  4. You should drag the mouse onto the circle.
  5. Pokémon
  6. LOL Micropenis
  7. Four
  8. You should press the space bar.
  9. The R letter in the “varnish” word should be clicked and dragged away from it.
  10. You should drag the cat down as quickly as possible.
  11. To get to the other side
  12. Edam
  13. You should click the quality button that is on the bottom of the game screen.
  14. You should click on all six differences between images.
  15. Goat’s blood
  16. You should click all lighter colored leaves off the body.
  17. You will start with going up and to the left. Then, you should take the narrow lower path. You should put the mouse on the green button. After that, you will see a code in the middle of the screen. You should keep it for question 100. After grabbing the key, you should drag it to the lock without touching blocks.
  18. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged
  19. When the counter of the bomb is at 2, you should click on it.
  20. First, you should click on Chris. Then, you should keep in your mind how many times he gets punched.
  21. 8 kbps modem
  22. Violance
  23. You should click repeatedly the bush.
  24. No
  25. The answer is from question 70.

76 to 100

  1. AIDS
  2. A fat bloke
  3. You should move your mouse over the handle.
  4. You should drag the “on” part of the “dragon” word to the circle.
  5. A corpse’s bra
  6. Grey goose
  7. After the bomb starts flashing, you should click obvious.
  8. You should drag the ground away first. Then, you should click next.
  9. You should click the colors in this order: blue, red, blue and yellow.
  10. NEVAR!
  11. You should press the U key.
  12. You should click the egg.
  13. Without doing anything, you should just wait.
  14. I’d have thought that at least one of them would have ducked
  15. Tl;dr
  16. When the aim appears, you should click on the head of Amy Rose.
  17. None – I’m on Question 92 of The Impossible Quiz 2 🙁
  18. You should click the “the odd one out” phrase.
  19. Silence
  20. You should click the numbers in this order: -15,1, -4, 0, 2, 15, 15,1, 76, 151.
  21. You should click the number of your lives.
  22. The K letter in the “BLACK” word should be clicked.
  23. 5
  24. You should burst 99 red balloons, remember only red ones.
  25. The answer is the code from question 67. It is 8 2 7 5.

101 to 120

  1. You should type whole alphabet from A to Z.
  2. First, you should drag all pictures away. Then, you should click the face of Chris.
  3. Red
  4. You should clean the windows.
  5. You click the switch behind the number of question.
  6. First, you should remove the left sigworminator’s eye. After removing it, you should put it on the metal thingy legs. Then, you should drag the kiwi into the eye’s orijinal place.
  7. You can click either the number of your lives or the number of question.
  8. You should follow the green arrows. Then, you should click the head of Chris.
  9. Graphite
  10. You should click all red squares.
  11. You should type tebahpla eht.
  12. In order to drag the can to the can opener, you should use your mouse. If you achieve to open the can, you should drag it to the dish.
  13. You should click brown.
  14. In order to brush teeth, you should press the Left and Right Arrows repeatedly.
  15. Caturday
  16. You should drag the pieces into the fusestopper.
  17. Eleven
  18. Without doing anything, you should just wait.
  19. You should type some words in this order: horse, peanut, chihuahua.
  20. By clicking the numbers on the screen, you will have random questions about the quiz.


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